Exhaust System Damage – How Aaron’s Auto Repair in Apison TN Can Help

Exhaust System Basics

Whether it is your manifold, catalytic converter or muffler there are several components of your exhaust system that are important for your car to function right.   Once your car burns fuel it must expel the burnt fuel through the exhaust system because not all the air-fuel mixture gets burned during combustion.  The leftover components of this process are exhaust gases.  If these gases are not expelled from the vehicle, they can cause damage to the engine. The exhaust system rids your car of these harmful gases, which can cause backpressure. Backpressure can prompt the engine to exert more effort when operating.  If this extra exertion is prolonged it can lead to serious damage to your engine. This leads to your engine components enduring more stress and creates undue wear and damage to various components.

Quick and Accurate Auto Repair Will Save You Money

If one part of your exhaust system is not operating properly it is only a matter of time before the other components of the system begin to show wear and damage.  The various parts of the exhaust system are like dominoes.  If one part ‘falls down’ and starts malfunctioning then other parts are going to fall down as well.  It is best to fix the problem as soon as it is spotted.  If you suspect your exhaust system needs repair bring it to have our technicians diagnose the issue.

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